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Aquen AG

The Aquen AG was founded in 2022 in context of a consolidation to integrate the products and processes in the parent company HKF CleanTech AG.

Goal of HKF CleanTech AG is the development of high-quality additives for upcycling of manure, fermentation residues and comunal waste water.

aquen aqua-engineering GmbH

aquen aqua-engineering GmbH is a technology-oriented spin-off of the Clausthaler Umwelttechnik-Institut GmbH CUTEC. In the last decades we have developed into experts in sewage sludge treatment and solid/liquid separation. With innovative products and solutions we support our customers from industry, municipalities and agriculture to significantly improve the performance of their disposal and dewatering processes.

The efficient use of natural resources is a priority for us. This is ensured by a lower use of auxiliary materials, a reduction in the amount of sludge and a reduction in process energy requirements. Our innovative processes are protected by international patents.

Your contact partner

Dr.-Ing. Christian Schröder

Dr.-Ing. Christian Schröder


Dr.-Ing. Christian Schröder is the founder of the subcompany aquen aqua engineering GmbH in Germany. 

He invented several products and processes for mixing and treatment of consumable chemicals, patented mixers for flocculation and conditioning of sewage sludge, as well as measurement and laboratory technology for the evaluation of dewatering.

Due to his knowledge and experience he is an proven expert for the industrial separation tasks and municipal wastewater plants.


E-Mail: c.schroeder@aquen.com

Phone: +49 5323 94898-0