Concrete Clean

Mobile dewatering system for concrete cutting water purification.

With ConcreteClean, we have developed a mobile drainage layer for fast and efficient concrete cutting water cleaning. It separates concrete cutting residue and water by type. Thanks to ConcreteClean, the TS value of the concrete waste to be removed is increased to approx. 25%, and the discharge volume is reduced accordingly to approx. 20%.

Another plus point is the compact design. Including the small sediment container, the footprint is only around 20 m2. This means that the plant can also be placed next to the work site in a small area.

Your benefits

  • Quality logging via optionally installed measuring sensors
  • Purified water can be discharged directly into the sewer system
  • Low disposal costs, as only the separated solids need to be disposed of.
  • With Concrete Clean, it is no longer necessary to pump the disposal material.
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to mobile container system

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