Cost-saving leachate treatment.

Landfill leachate contains different pollutants. In addition to the group of biodegradable pollutants, there is a large number of other organic and inorganic pollutant groups. These can only be partially biodegraded or not at all. They have to be removed from the landfill leachate by a cost-intensive chemical-physical treatment step.

Our solution

For optimal leachate treatment

The DeSiFloc concept for landfill leachate treatment relies on a novel, patented process that enables the separation of pollutants much more efficiently than conventional processes. Non-biodegradable or non-degraded pollutants are specifically flocculated and filtered out of the wastewater stream.

The functional principle is based on the fact that each step in the process chain is assigned a specific task. This specialization allows the overall performance of the system to be better optimized. The operation of the plant becomes more economical. In addition, the plant can be adjusted more flexibly to changing conditions – such as varying pollutant concentrations or volume flows.

Your benefits

  • Low investment costs compared to a decanter
  • Low energy consumption, only approx.12.5
  • 60% lower activated carbon costs
  • Reduced noise pollution


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