High dewatering performance due to targeted flocculation.

In the case of boreholes for earth probes and wells, e.g. in exploration or geothermal energy, openings are made in the earth to a depth of several hundred meters. The resulting groundwater and surface water comes to the surface under high pressure. It must be partially depressurized and always disposed of. Traditional disposal methods work with several settling (sedimentation) tanks connected in series, sometimes up to 6 tanks connected in series. The space required for this occupies about 100 m² on the site.

Our solution

The geoCLEAN system separates sediment and water by type, and the quality is recorded by built-in measuring sensors. With the geoCLEAN system, the dry substance value of the sediment to be removed is increased to approx. 25%, and the removal quantity is reduced accordingly to approx. 20%. The removal costs are also reduced to 20%, i.e. one fifth.

A major advantage of the plant is its compact design. With a footprint of approx. 20 m² (incl. small sediment container), it can be easily placed next to the drilling site, even on a small area. The removal of the sediment is reduced to a few trips. The total duration of the construction site and the soil impact on the land are reduced. The geoCLEAN system is designed for max. 14 m³/h, for up to three drilling sites à approx.7 m³ in parallel operation.

Your benefits

  • Space for sedimentation tanks and pumps is saved.
  • The purified water is discharged directly into the sewer system or the environment.
  • Disposal costs are reduced, as only the separated solids have to be disposed of.
  • The discharged compressed air is cleaned by an integrated wet scrubber.
  • The drilling material mixture is spread in such a way that clean air, drier solids and clean water are discharged.
  • Higher separation efficiency, thus relieving the downstream process stages.
  • As the drilling material no longer has to be pumped over, geoCLEAN saves operators considerable time and costs.


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