Efficient treatment of animal manure and digestate

With the current amendment to the Fertilizer Ordinance, the limits for the application of organic and mineral nutrients have once again been adjusted downward. Our InnoSep process solves this nutrient and liquid manure problem. Together with our partner Terragie Vertriebs GmbH – a subsidiary of AgriV Raiffeisen eG – the process was developed specifically for use in agriculture. It uses our innovative FlocFormer technology to optimize the flocculation process.

The InnoSep process allows animal slurry or digestate to be separated in such a way that the nutrients are transferred to the solid phase.

Treatment of animal manure with the InnoSep process

Nutrient-reduced liquid phase

  • with dissolved nutrient salts ammonium and potassium
  • can in most cases be used completely on the farm as residual farm fertilizer


Solid phase

  • with bound nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium
  • Organic complete fertilizer, can be shipped to the arable regions
  • Feedstock in the nearest biogas plant, can replace renewable raw materials such as corn

Treatment of digestate from biogas plants with the InnoSep process

  • Solid phase that can be composted and marketed as peat-free potting soil
  • Liquid phase can be returned to the fermentation process

Your benefits

  • Halving of transport costs (solid phase) per kg of nutrient
  • Savings in storage capacity and storage costs
  • Phosphorus reduction (P2O5) in the liquid phase of over 90%.
  • Utilization of NH4 and K in almost TS-free liquid phase
  • Site security and planning reliability
  • Easy installation due to turnkey container plant (mobile or stationary)
  • Nutrient separation possible all year round
  • Production of a high-quality product with high nutrient content
  • Export of nutrients from agriculture possible
  • Relief of the entire region (nutrient input into drinking water)


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