High dewatering performance due to targeted flocculation.

The dewatering of sewage sludge is only as good as its conditioning. The demands on the conditioning technology are correspondingly high. The goal is the formation of optimally dewaterable flocs with permanently changing sludge and process parameters. For optimum dewatering results, each dewatering unit requires a whole specific flocculation.

Our solution

To make this process step cost-effective, energy-saving and efficient, we have designed the FlocFormer+ flocculation system. The system is internationally patented and can be combined with all common separation processes.

Can be optimized for your dewatering unit

FlocFormer+ can be optimally adapted to individual sludge and process conditions. Four degrees of freedom allow the treatment of varying volume and mass flows as well as a high adaptability to different slurries and dewatering machines. The control unit for controlling the degrees of freedom is part of the system. Parameters can be set and monitored via the touch screen. Industry-standard data interfaces to higher-level control systems integrate the FlocFormer into the process flow.

Saving polymer

In the FlocFormer+, the flocculant is first introduced into the sludge by means of a turbo mixer. This produces large-volume and shear-stable flocs. These are then specifically eroded in a modified cone agitator and compacted in a shear-stable manner. This allows the polymer to develop its full effect. The result: a significant polymer reduction and, more importantly, a higher dewatering result.

Your benefits

Efficient dewatering

Treatment with FlocFormer+ leads to significantly improved dewatering results of up to 25 percent.


Adaptive system

FlocFormer+ can be combined with chamber filter presses, decanters, belt filters and other dewatering units.


Reduced disposal costs

The high dry substance content of the dewatered sludge reduces the sludge volume. This leads to significant savings in disposal costs.


Optimized operating costs

With FlocFormer+, polymer consumption can be reduced by up to 30 percent. The economic efficiency is very high.


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