Efficient and economical phosphate precipitation.

The legal requirements for the quality of wastewater treatment plant effluent are becoming increasingly stringent. The target is a discharge limit value of 0.4 mg/l phosphate. Technically, these requirements can usually only be implemented by expanding phosphate precipitation. Here it is important that the use of precipitation chemicals remains within limits. The so-called beta value is used as a guideline. Beta values > 2 are common at wastewater treatment plants. This value can be significantly reduced by suitable mixing technology.

Our solution

FlocPhos is a technically optimized solution for your mixing and flocculation process. The mixer ensures a very high turbulence at the time of mixing and provides this constantly even under fluctuating conditions.

Efficient use of precipitants

The design is such that moving or rotating components (which are often responsible for blockages, damage and wear) are avoided. By eliminating such sources of interference, high availability of the technology is ensured.

Your benefits

Reduced sludge treatment costs

With the use of FlocPhos, beta values between 1.3 and 1.4 are targeted. By using chemicals, the original beta value can be further reduced. The hydroxide sludge produced is reduced proportionally.


Wide range of products

The mixer is available in several sizes and is adapted to the respective feed conditions.


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